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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  December 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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back. thanks for watching everybody. have great monday. >> trichet tech tragedy as he prepares for his funeral. new information emerges. good morning. it is monday december the 12th. >> we have your traffic and weather. first atom. very good morning. we are here. it is a cold start to the day. let's take a look at some of these numbers. it is down in the 20's pureed yesterday was the coldest morning we have had so far.
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manassas 19 along with culpeper. we are at the freezing point at reagan national. partly cloudy. mostly sunny to mardytomorrow. mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon. temperatures today a few degrees below average. it is close enough to call it even for mid to late december. here's a look at our extended forecast. the next chance of rain will be warmer. we have icy conditions. because of ice and the fact that they have had a couple of cars, if they are closing the barton parkway and tell around 5:00 p.m.. ita lot of overnight construction
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projects are wrapping up. we will go to the beltway. the baroque choral is working on the inner loop. -- road crew is working on the inner loop. it is 4:32. the governor of virginia will pay tribute to the officer gunned down on campus. a funeral will be held for him this afternoon. we still did not know what motive constant to shoot him. >> we have the emotional side of the story. >> a somber sunday for the virginia tech community, a feeling for officer deriek crouse.
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>> is this a real. >> they're trying to deal with an unexpected loss. >> the only thing that would bring closure would to find him. >> he was calling in a routine traffic stop. ross ashley shot and killed the officer and later turned it on himself. >> i did not understand the concept of why anyone would want to shoot a police officer for no reason. >> he was a part-time student. friends say he showed no outward signs of instability. >> i have my daughter here on the phone. >> there was interest in guns. they visited the same shooting range used by seung =hui cho.
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>> i said to myself as i was going to work that if you can make it their iraq began make it there anything. >>-- through iraq, you can make it through anything. >> he would help anyone in need. >> a student group has raised $56,000 in support of the family. the funeral service will be held later today in virginia tech campus. abc 7 news. thank you. we are following a developing story for a another university campus. police have charged the university of maryland's all- time recolinebacker for disorderly conduct. he was spotted behaving
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erratically off campus friday. police say the officer asked him to stop. he took them into custody. >> this is your time. we want to take a look at the day ahead. a man charged to try to assassinate the president is expected in court. oscar ortega hernandez is asked to be competent. the suspect used a rifle to fire ninth shot at the white house on november 11. no one was injured. a former r.j. sergeant accused of running into a passenger -- he was sentenced to runone year in jail for reckless driving. he was convicted of driving in
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excess of speed on interstate 95. a man is in custody after keeping police at bay for several hours. this happened yesterday. it started when he is trying to pull over a bagel and vault in a traffic violation. -- a vehicle in a bald in balks in a traffic violation. he ran into a nearby home and refused to come out. >> he had three children. >> i do not think anybody is in danger. i think it was a situation where people were not coming out of the house. >> they evacuated several women and children. the suspect came out and was arrested. new details in an attempted
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carjacking. the victim of the attempted carjacking is in critical condition and is said to be improving. he stabbed the victim repeatedly while trying to steal his car. the suspect drove off in car. they were forced to shoot them. police have not released his identity yet. it is time for a check on the business headlines. president obama givesets hectic campaign contributions from big business. >> where live at bloomberg headquarters. >> good morning. president obama has been characterized as big anti business by his political opponents. they may like him more than you think. he raised more than $5.5 million from business executives for his campaign.
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morceau compared to the republican primary challengers. let's take a quick check. they unveiled a blueprint for saving the debt crisis. we are not out of the woods yet. the european situation will continue into next year. we will see what reserve officials have to say about this at their policy meeting. the fed may consider the idea of publishing forecast for decisions on interest rates. the flash sale overwhelmed the website spirit of a breeze for business of the year. i will have more. reporting for abc 7 news. we're getting to that point in the season. >> it is 30 degrees.
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>> still to come, taking jabs and dodging. he is at the center of some nasty attacks from his own party. >> no. come many shoppers are returning to the internet. out to get the best deals. >> first i check on traffic and
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monday morning. it is cold outside. it is very cold air in place. tomorrow will be just as chilly. domestic a look at the numbers. -- we will take a look at the numbers. these are some of the coolest readings. did they are fairly representative of the area. 23 degrees in and northwest d.c. mid-40's this afternoon. a pretty quiet workweek for the most part. a few degrees warmer, closer to 50 degrees. thursday we have our next chance of rain. the temperatures will be a little bit warmer. hindemith and upper-50's. what about the commute? it is ok.
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the careful coming out of the neighborhood. i do not have any accidents to report as far as travel is concerned. i will hold your hand and give you the assurance that we are good at the wilson bridge and the south side of the american legion bridge. we are coming there alexandria and springfield. excellent. 30 degrees. >> the former house speaker continues to surge in the polls. republicans are taking aim.
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checking our top stories. virginia tech police officer who shot and killed on campus will be laid to rest today. thousands expected gather for officer deriek crouse's dinner. he was shot and killed last thursday. the motive is unknown. a key witness in the abuse case against jerry sandusky may have changed his story.
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mike mccurry told a jury that he assaulted a young boy in a blocking groom shall wear. they say he later told a family friend he did not see the lead to incidents. the occupied wall street movement plans to go after one of the nation's largest banks goldman sachs, by blocking several west coast ports. they are part of the biggest port cargo handling companies. taking a look around the world. union leaders called for this today. it would save italy from financial disaster. they met with union leaders. after words, if they said he made only generic commitment. more than a hundred national soldiers are scheduled to return home today. they were among 1100 national
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guard soldiers deployed to iraq for several months. it there helping secure military convoys leaving the country. they're expected to leave by the end of the year. newt gingrich /has gone to the leader. other republicans are expressing concern about him becoming the republican nominee. >> with that decent debate performance, many republicans are worried about newt gingrich. they are going public. a republican from new york. >> i saw the damage he did to congress and the republican party. i owe it to my country not to allow that to happen again. i am concerned. >> it is not just one republican former colleague. many have been speaking out.
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tom davis was promoted by gingrich. >> they told me he cannot run the house of representatives. >> he can say a lot of things about me. he rules with an iron fist. he cannot say he is a bad speaker. he took republicans to the promised land. >> knew the rich have a million ideas but many were a distraction. he often put himself before the party. some republicans were fed up. there was a coup but it failed. he will not give him his endorsement. >> i think he has leveled out at a person. all of us would say that newt gingrich is a guy that can hold a room. >> i spoke to many republicans critical of him. they've not going camera because they believe he could win a nomination and then seek retaliation.
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thank you. we are on your side. online shoppers are providing a big boost to the economy this holiday season. online sales totaled nearly $25 billion. that is up 15% from this time last year. this week is expected to be the biggest week of the season. they say all signs are porting -- pointing toward the strongest of the season. many people have heard a black friday. today is known as green monday. it is a new nickname. online sales are expected to top $1 billion. some retailers are even offering special discounts peers last year fedex shipped more than 70 million packages on december 12. they are expecting a record
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breaking business today. >> i like that. thousands of runners are taking part in a holiday run. >> it was the annual dingell all the way race. -- jingle all the way race. they took off from freedom plaza. they headed down pennsylvania avenue. it is the last big eightk run in the district. i love to see everyone dressed up. >> it is so cold out there. how was wondering what that was for. the big socks i thought it was great. it is freezing out there. literally. december the way it should be here in washington.
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let's take a look at our conditions out there. we have lots of clear skies. some are working their way up. adobe a sunny day. i guess you could call it eight mixture of sunshine and clouds. temperature was, look at these. 19 degrees in marten's fur. -- martinsburg. a little bit warmer immediately along the waterway. reagan national is immediately along the waterway. the teamsters are still in the upper-40's. dimeters will be in the mid- 40's. into the 40's by thuisis midday. tomorrow be warmer than today. tomorrow morning will be just as cold as what we have outside right now. bundle up as your head out to
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the bus stop. tomorrow afternoon will be sunny. we will see an increase in cloud cover. it'll give us the chance of showers by thursday. at least it will be warmer into the 50's. it will cool down behind that front. that should give this a few showers. mid-40's by saturday. it pretty much uneventful. only scattered showers. that is the forecast. what about the commute? we are taking our holiday picture to send to your in mindzumba -- in my zumba class. plan on it. the lady behind the desk says i love it when you talk about your class. what are we going to talk about on the highway?
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not much. to the parkway has been reopened. no traffic on the beltway. the university boulevard is open. we will go into virginia where we are zooming our way just fine on washington boulevard. no problems on 110. >> i really like that zumba stuff. >> it is really hard. it is a good workout. >> it is 29 degrees. >> we have much mor
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>> welcome back. f the president is very popular with his daughters this morning. >> the first family attended a star-studded event last night featuring justin bieber. jennifer hudson also performed. the first family is there. sasha and melia were in attendance. the event benefited the medical center. >> remember when they were just little girls? >> they are growing up. >> it is 4:57 right now and 29
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degrees. if you're looking for the perfect christmas present there is an application for that.
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